Can I hire a birth pool even if I dont intend on birthing at home?

Most definitely! Our birth pools are the perfect at home pain relief option, even if you are looking to later transition to hospital or your local birth centre.
The vast majority of your early labour will be spent at home and many mamas find this prospect very daunting. With not many options for managing this pain at home, our birth pools are the perfect pain relieving tool that you will have access to whenever you need it.


How do I choose between the two pools?

The mini and the regular are both the exact same depth, so the main difference is the length/width, which may be a deciding factor for you.  For mothers over 5’8”, the regular would be a great option as the mini may feel too small to assume a range of positions during labour.  If you have limited floor space or you are concerned about hot water supply and/or water pressure then the mini is a great option (less water pressure will result in a slower filling time). Click here to view our pool sizing page.


How will I know how to use my birth pool in a box?

The pools come with detailed instructions on how to set up and inflate them.   We recommend you do a ‘dry run’ with the birth pool prior to labour.  This should include deciding where your birth pool is going to go, practising inflating and deflating the pool and ensuring our standard 5m length of hose reaches your water supply (additional lengths of hose can be provided).


How do I fill my birth pool in a box?

Your birth pool will come with tap adapters and a 5m length of hose as well as a detailed guide on how to fill the pool.   Please contact Pēpi Pools for alternative lengths of hose/to discuss different tap adapter options if needed.


How do I empty my birth pool in a box?

The hoses provided by Pēpi Pools must never be used to empty your pool.  This is for hygiene reasons.  We provide a siphon hose as the most efficient way to drain your pool.  Please contact Hannah for more information.  Your garden hose is also suitable for draining.


How do I maintain the temperature of my birth pool in a box?

We recommend that you set the pool up in a sunny, warm space to help maintain the temperature of the pool. Using your heat pump or fireplace is also a good way to help maintain the temperature of your pool (but not too close).  A blanket or other form of cover can be used to cover the pool during filling to retain heat.

We recommend that you fill the pool as close to when it is needed as possible, rather than in advance as this is the easiest way to maintain a stable temperature (bearing in mind it may take some time to fill the pool).  If you have a continuous hot water supply, you will be able to top the pool up with warm water with your filling hose. If you do not have continuous hot water, you can top the pool up with warm water from your kettle/pans from your stove.


Will I need to purchase anything else?

You may wish to purchase a siphon hose from Pēpi Pools’ to make draining the pool easier, however your garden hose is also suitable, and you will receive detailed instructions on how to empty the pool.  The hose supplied for filling the pool must never be used for emptying for hygiene reasons.

Digital thermometer – these make keeping the water of your birth pool at a suitable temperature a lot easier as they are waterproof.  Dispose after use. Please contact us if you would like to purchase one of these.


I don’t live in Dunedin, can I still book with Pēpi Pools?

Absolutely.  We courier nationwide, please contact us for pricing’s as these vary depending where in NZ you are.


How do I return my pool/TENS?

Once you have finished with the pool/TENS please contact Hannah to arrange return drop off/delivery.


Do I get a refund if I don’t use my pool/TENS?

Once the pool/TENS is shipped you will not receive a refund, however if you cancel your order before shipping, you will receive a full refund, minus your booking fee.  Please see our Price page for more info.


What is included in my birth pool hire?

  • 1 x birth pool (to be returned in the Birth Pool in a Box bag)
  • Detailed instructions on how to fill and empty your pool
  • 1 x electric air pump
  • 1 x puncture repair kit and spare plugs etc (if unused)
  • 1 x 5m length of hose for filling
  • 1 x laundry tap adapter set
  • 1 x bath/kitchen tap adapter set
  • 1 x hose extension adapter for use with extra length of hose
  • 1 x disposable pool liner


What is included in my TENS hire?

  • Detailed instructions on how to most effectively use your TENS
  • 1 x NeuroTrac TENS
  • Spare battery
  • TENS electrode pads


How can a birth pool help me in labour?

One of the key benefits of using a birthing pool is the pain relief that the warm water provides.  It can help ease muscle tension and reduce the intensity of contractions, as well as offering a sense of privacy to the birthing mother.  Birthing pools are also thought to be beneficial to baby.  The warm water can help to regulate their body temperature after birth and pēpis born into water can experience less stress as a result of the birthing process.


How does the TENS work?

TENS work by delivering mild electrical impulses to the skin where the electrode pads are placed (on the back).  The electrical impulses generated from the machine can help block contraction pain signals from the reaching the brain (this is known as the ‘Pain Gate Theory’), providing a non-invasive and drug free pain relief option.  Our TENS are very easy to use, they come with detailed instructions and you are in control of the intensity which means it can be adjusted to suit your needs.  TENS are known to stimulate the release of natural endorphins, which are our body’s own pain killers.


Are there any side effects to using the TENS?

There are no negative side effects to using a TENS and they are frequently recommended by midwives.  We recommend that you start using your TENS as soon as you feel contractions as it should provide pain relief as soon as you start using it.  You will need to take the machine off before entering your birth pool, however it can be used right up until this point, which is likely to be in the later stages of labour.

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